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The battle begins for my veges

Updated: Nov 28, 2023

Nevo diaries: Tracking the urban jungle.

Weather. is. wild. 4 seasons in one day anyone?

As we get nearer to those wonderful warm nights and sunburnt days (aka Summer), I’d like to reflect on the PLUNGE into Winter that we have had this week. And what this has meant for the garden and everyone’s mood…

Luckily for me, my tomatoes are holding strong. Just don’t let your cat sit on them - that’s a killer move. And not the good kind.

A few have even started to flower, poor things, must be a little confused.

The cabbages are THRIVING. And by thriving I really mean it.. she’s taking off baby 🚀

I was under the impression I had planted ‘mini’ red cabbages. Now I’m not the best when it comes to perspective (this is why my tomato stakes are all off-centre) BUT, I can confirm my red cabbages are catching up to my Copenhagen Market Cabbages, which are LARGE. Here’s a pic to prove my case,

Patch of red and green cabbages

I think I’d better check that seed packet.

I am delighted to announce I have eaten 2 ripe, salivating, flavourful, red strawberries. The 3rd strawberry has been enjoyed by both the birds and to my absolute astonishment, a slug. A small slug. I saw it. With my eyes.

Now, I was living blissfully under the impression that the only annoying pests active in my garden were snails & birds. The evidence was very clear.

Especially the birds. Peking at the ground and flinging bark into the air. Fun.

But, slugs… since when did they exist *in my garden!*? Suffice to say I am now very motivated to protect my hard work at... most costs. Here’s a handy trick that I am going to test myself this week (and report back on!)

Drinks for slugs: Using beer as a slug trap for my veges

  • Grab a plastic container, such an empty yogurt container.

  • Poke holes near the top for slugs to enter

  • Fill the container with 5-10cm of beer

  • Bury the container in the ground near the slug's current meal (i.e. plant). Make sure to keep it slightly above the soil so other beneficial insects don't get trapped.

  • Top up with beer if it starts to evaporate.

Reminder: These traps work if placed in proximity to slug, so you may need to dot a few around your garden, about a meter away from the evidence site.


With the weather update done and dusted, let’s check in on ourselves.

I’m tired. How about you?

I’m about to start scraping the bottom of the barrel of energy and motivation reserves. Even with the shift to sunnier days and work-free holidays, it takes just a little bit more effort to get out of bed in the mornings.

Keep in mind, we share a lot in common with my crushed tomato plants, earnestly trying to hold up, yet still at the mercy of everything happening around us. Knowing there are brighter days ahead, may not be quite enough at this point. But you know what is?

Leaning into the basics, rest, good nutrition & hydration.

A bit of gentle encouragement goes a long way too.

Gif of Dr Who

Nevo’s plant update [50sqm garden]

​What’s living it’s best life

What’s most certainly not…

  • Broad Beans, unstaked, growing horizontally but they have beans!

  • Kohl Rabi, the purple and green variety, slugs haven’t found them...yet

  • Cucumbers, making a comeback after a little transplant shock

  • Carrots, both my baby seedlings and semi-mature plants

  • Broccoli, gone to seed and loving it

  • Pumpkins, new leaves and everything!

  • Zucchini, flowering which I will leave

  • Lettuces, little but hardy

  • Eggplant seedlings

  • HERBS, All of them - especially the mint. Even the basil is standing strong in the cold.

  • Tomatoes, apart from the two squashed by said cat

  • Cabbages, nothing more said

  • Sunflowers, again with the flowering?

  • Rockmelon & watermelon enjoying warmer days in my sunroom

  • Garlic is looking lush!

  • Corn, yes I grew corn in my lawn. And it seems to be happy enough.

  • Two salvias, very much 💀

  • Radishes, I have a sneaking suspicion my new foes the slugs are to blame.

  • Potatoes are a 50% hit rate so far, something is eating one half…

graphic of a seed sprouting

Seeds I have sown recently,

  • Beetroot

  • Spinach

  • Pickle cucumbers

  • Dill

  • Sunflowers

Spontaneous purchase,

Pink rhododendron

That's all from my veges to yours.

Signing off,

nevo 🐝


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