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Hey you,


We eat, breathe, and sleep information. It’s coming at us every minute of every day. 

This is nothing new. We already know this.


It can be good, it can be bad. It can be everything in between. 

I like consuming new ideas, new thoughts, even those short videos on social media. I certainly giggle my way through them. 

We speak, we listen, we hear, we watch, we move, we feel... running out of breathe here. 

So why not decide, for once, what we actually want to consume.

So, keep scrolling on Insta, Facebook, or TikTok. Because let’s be honest. It’s a way of life that we certainly aren’t changing anytime soon. 



Get more information, but the right kind, straight to your inbox.

You, like me want to consume information that shares a little bit of wisdom and a whole lot of nonsense, a bit of humour, and

our shared love of Gardening. 

Ah, and that’s the catch.

Because whilst I love information, I think I love gardening more. And I want you to share in this love. Because what’s better than a group of strangers that get a little less strange over time. Bonding over their LOVE for the outdoors.


Even if you don’t own a single plant. You are welcome. If you own a forest. You are equally welcome. We are a judge free zone. Even better if you are a judge that likes gardening. Again, welcome! 

So come on.


It’s going to be a hoot and a half. 

Gardening goodness straight to your inbox

Move over bills and meeting requests. Leafy greens coming through.

Thanks for submitting! Your first email is coming in hot!

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